Quality & safety management made easy

QualCon is a centralized health and safety management system built to automate workplace inspection & make incident reporting easier than ever! With QualCon, safety supervisors, site managers, and staff executives can quickly generate checklists and easily record data in the web or mobile application to remotely monitor and update safety and quality parameters at the workplace

With a user-friendly interface, QualCon is a feature-packed HSE solution that enables KPI-based reporting providing valuable insights to all stakeholders about safety incidents and compliances across different locations.  It is the best crisis management and safety control solution for businesses in domains such as Construction, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, etc. QualCon is your digital vault for safety and quality checklist configuration and data storage.

Salient Features
Incident Reporting
  • Report a new Incident and highlight the body part injured and the nature of injury while creating the incident.
  • Quickly notify the team, managers, and stakeholders based on the severity of the incident.
  • Broadcast the outlined Corrective and Preventive actions around the incident.
  • Easily create comprehensive reports about incidents & injuries at the workplace.
Fill Check List & Observation Reporting
  • Select the preconfigured checklist, carry out inspection, and record response immediately.
  • Create observations of any anomalies & communicate new observations to all stakeholders.
  • Escalate previously reported observations in case of no timely action taken.
  • Analyze the incidents and observations to optimize training opportunities and enable informed decision making.
Admin & Configuration
  • Quickly configure checklists & set parameters according to the site requirements.
  • Easily modify organizational hierarchy and establish different levels of approvals.
  • Set due-dates for task resolving with automated reminders to concerned stakeholders
Dashboard & Reports
  • Dynamic Dashboard showing a real-time overview of inspections and incidents for all locations
  • KPI based-reporting enabling the stakeholders to easily track progress, improve performance and identify stop-gaps.
  • Swiftly generate reports of on-site safety measures, incidents, man-days lost to identify trends to prevent safety lapses and incidents.
Benefits of Using Qualcon
Automate compliance

Automation of HSE and quality operations with approval mechanisms according to statutory compliance.

Centralized control

Get complete control over all locations via a single centralized web & mobile application (cloud or on-premise)

Document hub

Get Round-the-clock access to the secured document hub and past incident & observation reports.

KPI based reporting

Users can access real-time dashboards thereby enabling KPI-based reporting and analysis.


Seamless 3rd Party Integration with other systems like DMS, SAP, emails & SMS gateways.

Streamline communication

Easily send email notifications and streamline communication among different stakeholders.