Outlook Plug-In

The Only E-mail Plug-in You Need!

Corporate world is filled with countless emails and MS Outlook is the go-to application for all of the email correspondence ITCube has developed a MS Outlook plug-in that is a must have for everyone who conducts their daily work via countless emails every day. Our plug-in offers a single-action solution to organizing emails, attaching files and moving emails from Outlook to a computer folder!

Copy, Move & Manage Emails with Ease
Outlook Plug-in by ITCube
Email Management

Copy and move email with easy from Outlook to Computer!

Drag Attachments

Attach files to your email with a single swipe of your mouse!

Built-in File Explorer

Save time by exploring files from a built-in feature!

In-built Progress Bar

Easily rack progress of your data-heavy attachment!

Benefits of Using ITCube's Outlook Plug-in
Move Email

Don’t like too many emails cluttering your MS Outlook account? Archive your emails in .msg format by moving them from your inbox to an organized folder on your computer.

Copy Email

With ITCube’s best Outlook email plug-in, you are simply a drag and drop away from copying emails and saving them in a folder of your choice on the computer!

Explore Files

To make copying and moving emails to your computer easier than ever, the plug-in enables access to the file explorer within MS Outlook itself.

Drag & Drop Attachments

One of the biggest advantages of the MS Outlook plug-in is the ability to drag and drop attachments in emails. This one-click solution will save your valuable time!.

Progress Bar

The plug-in also comes with a handy ‘Progress bar’ that highlights the speed and time taken to move or copy emails from MS Outlook to your computer.