Legal Case Tracker

Centralized Legal Case Tracking at Your Fingertips

Legal Case Tracker (LCT) is one of the best integrated, robust, centralized case tracking software built to effectively manage legal case files digitally. With the help of LCT software, you can automate and manage all the correspondence relating to a case throughout its life cycle, including notes, hearing, tasks, status history, documentations, and audit logs. LCT can drive users towards optimum productivity and make digital case management easier than ever!

Salient Features Of Legal Case Tracker
Dynamic Dashboard

User Friendly: Legal Case Tracker has a user-friendly dashboard which highlights important case details.

Task Board: Allocate pending tasks to users which can be viewed under my tasks.

My Case Dashboard – Includes cases allocated to the logged-in user with additional information like current status of each case, court information etc.

Hearing Dashboard – case hearings (Regular or Expert) irrespective of user role, including type of hearing, hearing dates and comments.

Open Cases: All open cases irrespective of user role

Close Cases:  All closed cases irrespective of user role

Case Manager

Easy Sorting: Sort records according to Court Type, Contacts, and Case Status.

Standard Operating Procedure: Users can set-up/configure standard tasks applicable to Criminal, Civil, Labor etc. cases.

Contacts & Document Manager: Maintain a Contact Master of all Lawyers, Case Participants, and Clients along with a document hub for uploaded files added from Notes, Hearings, and Tasks.

Integration with Outlook: Save and associate emails from Outlook with a particular case to capture correspondence.

Flexible Search: Allows users to search for existing legal documents uploaded via Notes, Tasks and Hearings. Fast search on key press facility to process and display the first set of results to the page.

Benefits Of Using Legal Case Tracker
Legal case Tracker by ITCube
Timely Reminders

– Email Notifications
– Case Time-sheets
– Task Reminders

Control Access

–  Provide Access
– Assign Roles
– Capture recent activity

Manage Expenses

– Generate Invoices
– Upload Expenses
– Attach to Cases

Cost Effective

– SharePoint Foundation
– No ERP system
– Easy-to-Use

Case Study
Legal case tracker ITCube
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